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Mobile4E applications are developed by the mobile learning research group of UCSC, with an aim of enhancing English Language Learning among school leavers and university students. It is completely free to use, and consists of three apps, elementary, intermediary and advanced which is designed based on the level of English ability of the user. The apps are targeted to be used on Android based smart phones and can be downloaded from Google playstore links given below.

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Premium quality mobile applications for English language learning

  • Why not practice English on your phone or tablet?
  • We provide interactive learning content through a series of mobile applications
  • Enhance your knowledge by trying Mobile4E application for Free which makes learning fun and easy

Enhance your English knowledge by trying ‘English for All’ mobile applications, which makes the learning more fun and easy. This interactive mobile app encourages learning with text based lessons, video and audio podcasts, questions and answers, and also enhances peer to peer interaction through the forum activities.

Getting Started

Minimum Requirements

  • Android 4 or above
  • An Internet connection

Download the Mobile4E applications from the following links

All you need to do is,

  • Register as a new user.....
  • Validate through email.....
  • Access the lesson content....
  • Enjoy Mobile4E lessons.....


We provide a pool of different interactions to the learner.
This will enhance the interactivity of the lessons with the learner and keep the learner mortivated to continue with the stuff.

Lesson content

The content of these applications cover reading, writing and listening. Each app has lessons as well as interactive activities, discussion forums and scorecards.

The lessons contain text, audio and video based lessons which can be accessed even when the user is offline.

Book marking

You can bookmark your favorite lesson for later browsing.


Each lesson contains activities at the last page. The activities are designed to provide maximum interactivity to the user. You will be able to know the validity of your answer soon as you complete answering.

The score card & Forum

The scorecard will always display the present status of activities which are completed and motivate you to complete all the activities.

You can interact with other users by posting forum messages, and replying back to other messages.


Enhance your English knowledge by trying ‘Mobile4E’ mobile applications
which makes the learning more fun and easy.

Free Download

Our Works

We provide three mobile applications (Android) to enhance your English learning. The content and the series of applications are free to use by any party who is willing to furnish their English knowledge.

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About Us

We are willing to help people enhance their leearning capabilities throug m-learning aspects
where the members can participate in lessons, do activities related to those lessons and communicate among the members for knowledge sharing.

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Mobile4E - Things you should know.


We will ensure that the data collected through this app will not be shared with any other parties. We track how the app is used, such as which lessons are accessed most. The data collected from you will used to improve the app and serve you with better content in the future.


Are you having any doubts or issues related to using this product? We are more than happy to answer you queries and solve any issues. Please make sure to email your queries to

Maximum outcome of using this app can be gained by following the ‘English for All’ online free English Language Learning course simultaneously. For more information please visit .

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